Wednesday, November 06, 2002

Can you say "jet lag?" So, we finally arrived in Delhi last night. Found our way to the YWCA (and, hey, I was totally welcome) where we have clean sheets and a private bath. So far today, not much, other than eggs and toast for breakfast, a quick walk to the Internet cafe, warnings in the paper about "monkey bombs" (suicide monkeys used as terrorism weapons and the efforts to either sterilize or simply move monkeys from sensitive areas, including much of Delhi, the capital), a couple of elephant taxis on the street corner and the incessant smell of diesel. Infernal combustion is just about right. So, we got a decent night sleep, and now will be in town for several days. I will update when there's a little more to report; all I can say for now is that we're in a different world. But between the sleep deprivation and the tall tales of how brutal Delhi is, I'm surprised at how much I apparently like this place. Best to all four or five of my loyal readers -- please spread the word to your friends and family, this is going to get more interesting by the day. I can feel it!