Saturday, October 12, 2002

Still waiting. Word has it from Christina's fellow Fulbrighters we will not know anything until the very last minute, which is just a tad stressful. I have been doing research this week into Tiger Reserves, controversial Hydro-Electric projects (which are drowning various temples and require the relocation of some tens of thousands of villagers and other tribal people) and just read in the CSM ( about the problem of leaky Nuke Plants. Just great -- and here I was worried about Pakistan.

I've also tracked down a way cool, sophisticated Indian website Tehelka ( boasting author VS Naipaul and activist/journalist Krushwant Singh as board members. Hoping to track the masterminds behind this project down when we get to Delhiā€¦ whenever that is. Fingers still crossed for Halloween.

Wednesday, October 09, 2002

We're still on the threshold. Our plan is to head out by Halloween, but who knows? Remember life before the Internet? Add a billion people. Mix. Now you've got the bureaucracy otherwise known as the Government of India. In other words, we are still waiting on visas.... Yeah, priceless. Updates to follow, obviously.